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Mark Russell - The Brain

Gaming and Writing

I am a gamer for both X-Box and PC, RPG is my kind of Gaming, Also I enjoy being thrashed at RTS's Like StarCraft II - WOL.

On X-Box, FPS's are my strong point.

I have just started to learn Tekkit and FTB

With new interesting story's along the way...





Paul Russell - The Brawn

A level Gaming

I am the Executor , the Creator of Things.

I manage the Web, Social and other sides of this Site.

At the moment I'm a student currently doing A-Levels.

This is more a hobby as appose to a job.

At the Moment I am battling creating 'Halo 4 with Father' videos

I have completed the Halo 4 campaign and am now gradually uploading this to youtube

Latest Video

I am currently working on: the Life with Father series.